I’m back!…again!

It seems like I write one of these posts once a year and every year I am say the same old things again and again, things like ‘oh been too busy with life’, won’t leave things so long next time’, ‘will try to post more’, etc….

Well I’m not going to do all that this time. I’ll actually try to do it. So, this is just a short post to say hi and catch you up on things. Hi!

Anyway, writing wise, the last twelve months have been a mixed bag. I finished the novel, well novella, I was working on and very nearly sent it out to query but when I took another look I decided there was still work to be done. So I’ve put it away for a while and will get some distance from it before I more than likely rewrite the crap out of it.

In the meantime, I’ve started work on a new novel. Well, I say new but it’s an idea I’ve played around with one form or another for years and I seem to have finally found a way to make it work as a long form story. I’m going to make a more specific post about it later and I’m also going to try and document my progress on here, chapter by chapter. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what it’s like to try and write a book and also should give me the requisite kick up the arse to get on and get the damn thing written. Hopefully it’ll be an interesting journey to follow.

Also,a lot has changed in the world aince last I posted. I obvisously don’t need to go over it all again other than to say it makes it an interesting time to be a writer or reader of sci-fi and fantasy. I can’t predict how it will inform the genre but I’m excited, and terrified to find out!

So, until next time, thanks for reading!