The Write Side of Life: Back in Black…

Actually I’m not in black. I’m currently in a grey jumper and blue jeans but it has been too long and it is good to be back.
    Once again I have been neglecting this blog and probably my writing in general. Bad Tim!
     Recently however, there has been some interesting developments. Not too long ago I received some really positive feedback to some of my fiction on this site which has spurred me on to pull my finger out and get on with getting a novel finished.
     Its not as though I haven’t been writing at all. Rather I’ve been jumping from project to project without actually finishing anything. Again, bad Tim!
     So I’ve dusted off the most promising of my WIPs and am now laser focussed on getting it finished. I’ve set myself some, what should be, achievable targets too. I’m aiming tho have the first draft finished in one month, will put it aside for one month to get some – hopefully- objective distance from it, and then I’ll be entering a furious period of editing and rewriting with a view to having the mss ready for querying by August at the latest.
     I’m also dusting off this blog tho keep those that care up to date with my progress. There may not be as many short stories this time around but I’ll try to share some excerpts from the book.
    Anyway thats where things lay at the moment. Hope this time next year I’ll be posting about a forthcoming published book!

Wish me luck folks and as ever, thanks for reading!