Let’s see. I’m a guy in his thirties who still acts like in his preteens. I basically don’t ever want to grow up.

I’ve always loved Sci-Fi, Fantasy and anything that is these days considered ‘geeky’. I have been sometimes compared to Leonard from The Big Bang Theory but I find this to be an unfair comparison as I’m not what you would exactly call smart let alone a genius. Besides, I was dressing like that long before that show ever came out.

My S/F, and Fantasy highlights include: Star Wars (Obviously), Star Trek (Again, obviously), Dr Who (And again, obv- oh you get the picture!), Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Tron, The Last Starfighter and much much more. Favourite authors include; Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Adam Christopher.

My ultimate goal is to one day become a published author. Who knows, maybe this place will lead me there, maybe not. What it really boils down to however, is this; I love stories. I love reading stories and I love telling stories. In my head are a whole bunch of them, desperately trying to burst out, so I’m writing them down and hopefully people will read them and love my stories as much as I do.

NAQs (Never Asked Questions)

Are you a crackpot?

Probably. Oh you mean when it comes to doing this blog? Definitely.

Don’t you have a ‘proper’ job?

Yes, I do. Everyone has bills to pay. I do this by messing with computer stuff in a university

So what do you when not pretending to be a writer or messing with University computer systems?

Mostly read, watch movies and spend time with my much better half and our two cats?

Wait, are you one of those crazy cat ladies?

Not quite, I’m male for starters. But I do spend far too much time taking photos of the cats and playing with them when I’m sure I should be doing far more important stuff.

Do you like music?


What music do you like?

Lots of rock and blues. Anything by Pearl Jam, Incubus or Foo Fighters is bound to make my day (punk). As is the talents of people like B.B. King and Robert Johnson

Is there anything else that you like that could be considered ‘non-geeky’?




Like what?

Cars, westerns, crime thrillers, slapstick comedy, computer games (Damn that last one is geeky, hope no one notices.)

You said Computer Games! Computer Games are geeky! You’re just a big ol’ nerd really, aren’t ya?

Yes, it’s true, I am.

Haha! Sucka!

Wait, that’s not a question!


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