The Write Side of Life: Achievement Unlocked: 10,000 words.

So, it seems the laser focus that I mentioned in my last post is working. Last night I passed the 1st ten thousand words of my work in progress.

Now, that may not sound like all that big of an achievement. You might be saying to yourself ‘10,000 words, big deal, so what?’ But for me, and I suspect a great many other writers, those first ten thousand are a huge milestone.

It’s the point where I feel I’ve really broken the back of the story. I’ve managed to get through the potentially awkward task of introducing my protagonists and their situation, and I can now just get into the real narrative flow of the story. Also, its the furthest I’ve got into the first draft of a narrative for quite sometime so, whoo yay for that!

I also believe that it’s important to have milestones to mark as your working through a novel. It helps you feel a real sense of progress and you get to feel a little bit of achievement as you’re hammering away at the work itself. With that in mind, expect other posts such as this one every now and again. I think the next one will probably be at fifty thousand words. If nothing else, they’re a good mental exercise for me to keep myself motivated andrew my progress.

As ever, thanks for reading.



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