A New Site, A New Start!

Hello and Welcome!

Come in, pull up a chair and make yourself comfy. Ready? OK.

So, some of you may remember that this blog used to be up over at Blogger. It never really got the full attention that I maybe should have given it. I only posted a few of my very early (it shows in the quality,) stories and I think one or two other nonsensical ramblings. It also looked quite amateurish and at the time, I didn’t really have the skills or expertise to really make it look any better. It’s still out there, somewhere in the ether if you really wanted to see it. However, I wouldn’t waste my time if I was you. It really is quite poor.

Anyway, I decided to dust it off, give it a new coat of whatever the electronic version of paint is, and try again with a WordPress blog. Hopefully it will look more appealing and be a bit easier to read. I’m not going to post the old stories on what I like to call this version 2.0. They were really bad and those that wanted to read them probably already have.

This time around things shall be much different and hopefully much better. I’m planning to start with something pretty big and ambitious (Details of which will be further down) that will either be the best thing I’ve ever done or the most horrendous failure ever. Only time shall tell. In the meantime, indulge me in reintroducing myself and the site.

I’ve always loved Sci-Fi and Fantasy in all its many forms. Particularly in movies and comics. I have also always loved books and reading anything I can get my hands on; novels, magazines, instruction manuals, even crisp packets. You name it, I’ll give it a go. I’ve also always loved writing my own stories and have always harboured an ambition to one day become a published author. As such I am hoping that this on-line space shall be my first step on the road to achieving that ambition. On here you shall find short stories I have written, book reviews of the stuff I love to read, possibly a few reviews of genre movies if I particularly feel the need to rant and rave about them, and also my thoughts on reflections on my own journey to being able to legitimately call myself and author.

As such, I think now is a good time to let you in on my rather ambitious intention to relaunch this blog. The first piece of fiction that I’m going to post is the first chapter in what shall hopefully become an on-line novel. The aim is to post this first chapter at the end of this week and then post another chapter every two weeks. If it seems that people are particularly enjoying the novel or finding it hard to read on-screen, I will be considering making the chapters downloadable, all for free! How nice is that, a whole book (eventually) for free?

I’ll be posting more details about the novel – synopsis, influences, etc -either later today or tomorrow. In the meantime please let all your friends and family (and if you know them, my friends and family!) know and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on my work sometime in the near future-ish.

Till next time,

See Ya!


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